What is a Curated Meetup?

You’ve had many significant moments of connection in your life: when you understand another person’s perspective and they understand yours, when you share a moment with someone together as ‘we’ not as ‘you’ and ‘me’.

Our Curated Meetups are tailored experiences for two people, which give you the tools and the opportunity to share more of these moments, with more people, in more contexts.

Connect on a deeper level


Our Curated Meetups are a collection of designed experiences for two people to share over 45 minutes. We’ll help you to connect on a deeper level, even if you can only find a short period of time together.

Frameworks designed for you


Based on you sharing deeper insights with one another, we design frameworks fo your meeting. This is a safe space where you can be open and inspire each other through carefully selected activities.

We’re better when we’re social


As well as making travel experiences better, we believe that forming deeper connections with more people in our lives can be transformative. That’s our aim with Curated Meetups.

The academic stuff

Through our years as artists working with with social sculpture, we’ve learned how powerful human meetings can be. Now we’re working with social science too.

It is common knowledge that success in individuals requires more than IQ. As human beings, our emotional intelligence (EI) is of high value too. Empathy is an element of EI that is increasingly recognized as the trait that is crucial to the success of human-to-human interactions. Psychologists developed an empathy quotient (EQ) as a self-report individual human-centred measurement of empathy. Curated Meetups are designed to increase your EI – and you can track this development with us too!

The benefits of high EI among people are both individual and collective – interpersonal relationships improve, teams become higher functioning, and communities are strengthened.

Evidence-based research even shows that companies that are able to apply EQ to a business setting, not least during product development, are the most successful. So these are tools that could benefit your projects too!